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Research Program

The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ) provides research-oriented training to doctoral researchers in a distinguished 3-year Ph.D. programme. It can fund up to eight excellent doctoral students per year with a three-year scholarship. Doctoral students at the RGS Econ are provided with thorough training in advanced methods in economics. They are taken to the frontier of state-of-the-art research in all fields of Economics. Members are integrated into a stimulating research environment composed of three universities and an independent Research Institute, which harbour an ambitious and excellent faculty. Its approach is clearly a disciplinary one as opposed to an interdisciplinary one by trying to cover all major areas of Economics from positive theorizing to empirical validation and policy design as well as evaluation. This focus on economics per se is calculated to facilitate a particular early start of individual research.

Faculty members of the RGS Econ group themselves into three major clusters of interest and research, which are briefly described as the School's core areas of expertise below.  Interactions and cooperation within and across clusters are intense; doctoral students are invited to contribute to these exchanges by following their own interests.

Cluster 1: Applied Microeconometrics, Labour, Population, and Health Economics

Cluster 2: Macroeconomics, Monetary and International Economics, Financial Markets, Econometrics

Cluster 3: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Public Finance