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Former RGS Professors

A graduate program could not exists without the effort of highly qualified professors who guide the PhD students throughout their dissertation. The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics has been blessed with many dedicated professors who actively participated in the program.

We thank these professors and wish them all the best in their future careers.

All former professors are listed below:

RGS Faculty:

- Prof. Dr. Cay Folkers

- Prof. Dr. John P. Haisken-DeNew

- Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap

- Prof. Dr. Matthias Hoffmann

- Prof. Dr. Wim Kösters

- Prof. Dr. Notburga Ott

- Prof. Dr. Andreas Schabert

- Prof. Dr. Jörg Schimmelpfennig

- Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum

- Prof. Dr. Thorsten Upmann

RGS Young Faculty:

- JProf. Dr. Falko Jüßen

- JProf. Dr. Hendrik Schmitz

- JProf. Dr. Maren Michaelsen