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Alumni of RGS Econ are successfully placed in renowned academic institutions and leading enterprises around the world.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Baumgarten (Assistant Professor of International Trade, University of Munich (LMU))

Title of Dissertation: Labor Market Dynamics and Globalization (2006-2011)



Dr. Peggy Bechara (Research Scientist, RWI, Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Heterogeneity in Job and Wage Mobility (2006-2011)



Dr. Julia Belau-Garmann (Research Scientist, TU Dortmund)

Title of Dissertation: Outside Options and Centrality in Cooperatiove Game Theory (2010-2014)



Dr. Ulrich Berg (Risk Analyst / Data Scientist, Auxmoney GmbH)

Title of Dissertation: Eassays on Banking, Financial Markets and Forecasting


Dr. Marius Bickmann (Bundeswirtschaftsministerium)

Title of Dissertation: Demographic Change, Migration and Public Pensions - A Macroeconomic Analysis


Dr. Christoph Braun (Eaton)

Title of Dissertation: Optimal Taxation of Human Capital Investments


Dr. Christian Bredemeier (Assisting Professor, University of Cologne)

Title of Dissertation: Essays on heterogeneous agents: political economy and labor markets (2006-2010)



Dr. Jan Brenner (1978-2009, Research Scientist, RWI, Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Empirical Evidence on the Integration of Immigrants


Dr. Claudia Burgard (Business Analyst (Predictive Analytics), StepStone, Düsseldorf)

Title of Dissertation: Post-Compulsory Education in Germany: Empirical Analyses of Higher Education Policies and Further Training


Dr. Rui Dang (Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, USA)

Title of Dissertation: Empirical Essays on Social Interactions and Health Inequalities (2011-2015)



Dr. Irina Dubova (DZ Bank)

Title of Dissertation: Empirical Essays on the Role of Global Shocks and Cross-Country Spillovers 


Dr. Martin Fischer (Karolinska Institutet)

Title of Dissertation: The Long-Term Effects of Education on Health and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Historical School Reforms in Sweden and Germany


Dr. Regina Flake (Economist, Cologne Institute for Economic Research)

Title of Dissertation: Migrants in Germany: The Role of Intergenerational Relations in Economic Integration and Labor Market Effects (2008-2013)



Dr. Sebastian Garmann (ETH Zürich)

Title of Dissertation: The Role of Political Institutions and Representation in Economic Policy - An Empirical Analysis (2010-2014)



Dr. Andreas Gerster  (Univ. Mannheim)

Title of Dissertation: Empirical Evaluations of Climate Policies (2012-2017)



Dr. Matthias Giesecke (Research Scientist, RWI, Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Retirement Decisions: The Role of Labour Supply, Financial Incentives, and Mortality Expectations (2009-2015)



Junior-Prof. Dr. Yiquan Gu (Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool Management School)

Title of Dissertation: Essays on Industrial and Societal Organization: Certification, Variety and Concern for Face (2006-2010)



Dr. Marcel Henkel (Postdoc, University of Duisburg-Essen)

Title of Dissertation:  Three Essays on the Causes and Consequences of Spatial Inequality (2012-2017)



Prof. Dr. Annika Herr (Univ. Hannover)

Title of Dissertation: On Hospital Competition: Quality, Efficiency, and Ownership (2004-2009)


Dr. Fabian Herrmann (Economic Scenario Generation, Ampega Asset Management)

Title of Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics: Monetary Policy, Interest Rate Spreads, and Financial Markets (2011-2017)


Prof. Jan Heufer (Assistant Professor, Erasmus School of Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Title of Dissertation: Essays on Revealed Preference: Contributions to the Theory of Consumer's Behavior (2005-2010)



Dr. Markus Hörmann (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Title of Dissertation: Interest Rates, Liquidity, and Optimal Monetary Policy


Dr. Laura Janisch (Data Scientist, ARAG)

Title of Dissertation: On the Move: Opportunities and Challenges of International Migration


Dr. Maarten van Kampen (Research Scientist, TU Dortmund)

Title of Dissertation: Copula Constancy Tests (2008-2012)


Dr. Matthias Keese (ThyssenKrupp Management Consulting)

Title of Dissertation: Saving in an aging society – Empirical issues in old-age provision and household debt


Dr. Jonas Keil (Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia)

Title of Dissertation: Essays on Financial Integration, Monetary Policy and Real Estate Markets


Dr. Klemens Keldenich (Senior Product Manager, GfK SE)

Title of Dissertation: Communication and Group Behavior in Economic Decision making


Dr. Michael Kind (Data Analyst/Consultant, Kienbaum Management Consultants GmbH)

Title of Dissertation: Microeconometric Analyses of Unemployment, Reemployment and Labor Force Participation in Germany


Dr. Mathias Klein  (DIW Berlin)

Title of Dissertation: Household Debt and the Macroeconomy (2012-2017)



Prof. Dr. Marcus Klemm (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg – Schweinfurt)

Title of Dissertation: Life satisfaction and risk perceptions: What can subjective data tell us about economic behavior? (2008-2013)


Dr. Tobias Körner (Staff of German Council of Economic Experts, Lecturer of Hochschule Deutsche Bundesbank)

Title of Dissertation: Governance of Banks, Economic Growth, and Financial Stability (2007-2012)


Dr. Alesia Khudnitskaya (Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt)

Title of Dissertation: Integrating Statistical Credit Scoring into the Retail Business Cycle


Dr. Michael Kramm (TU Dortmund University)

Title of Dissertation: Game Theoretical Analyses of Industrial and Societal Organization - Economic Design with a Focus on Heterogeneity and the Impact of Informational Asymmetries (2012-2018)


Dr. Johannes Ludwig (Researcher, Deutsche Bundesbank)

Title of Dissertation: Essays on Income, Consumption and their Distribution (2011-2016)


Dr. Hamed Markazi Moghadam (Research Assistant and future Postdoc, University of Hannover)

Title of Dissertation: Evolutionary models of market structure (2011-2017)



Dr. Annika Meng (Central Krankenversicherung AG)

Title of Dissertation: The economics of long-term care: care arrangements, caregivers' incentives to work, and provision gaps


Dr. Philip Messow (Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt)

Title of Dissertation: Statistical Problems of Time Varying Volatility in Economic Time Series


Dr. Stefanie Neimann (Knappschaft-Bahn-See, Bochum)

Title of Dissertation: "Two people gotta stick together...'' - Four essays on the interrelationship between marriage-related and economic decisions


Dr. Anne Oeking (International Monetary Fund)

Title of Dissertation:  External lmbalances and Domestic Macroeconomic Policies in an Interconnected World: Essays in lnternational Macroeconomics (2011-2015)


Dr. Sarah Okoampah (Research Scientist, University Duisburg-Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Four Empirical Essays on Demographic Change and the Labor Market (2011-2016)



Dr. Alfredo Paloyo (Research Scientist and Lecturer, University of Wollongong, Australia)

Title of Dissertation: The armed forces and society: econometric analyses of a military drawdown and compulsory military service (2007-2011)



Dr. Adam Pilny (Research Scientist, RWI, Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Identifying Potentials for Efficiency Enhancements in German Health Care Markets -Microeconometric Evidence for the Supply-side and the Demand-side (2010-2015)



Prof. Dr. Vivien Procher (Grenoble School of Mnagement)

Title of Dissertation: The Internationalization of French Firms (2005-2010)



Dr. Jan Prüser (Insurance, Data Scientist)

Title of Dissertation: Essays in Modelling Fat Time Series Data using Bayesian Econometrics (2015-2019)


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rausch (CEPE - Centre for Energy Policy and Economics Department of Management, Technology, and Economics ETH Zürich)

Title of Dissertation: Macroeconomic Consequences of Demographic Change: Modeling Issues and Applications (2004-2008)



Dr. Malte Rieth (Landesbank Berlin AG, Berlin)

Title of Dissertation: Risk Premia and Sovereign Default


Dr. Sina Risse (Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Düsseldorf)

Title of Dissertation: On Negatively Interdependent Preferences in Rent-Seeking Contests


Dr. Joost Röttger (Center for Macroeconomic Research, University of Cologne)

Title of Dissertation: Essays in Dynamic Macroeconomics: Public Policy, Household Savings, and Lack of Commitment (2010-2015)



Dr. Michaela Trax (Vodafone)

Title of Dissertation: The Internationalization of Firms: Cross-Border Investments, Cultural Diversity and Firm Performance


Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schmitz (Full Professor of Statistics and quantitative methods of empirical economics, University of Paderborn)

Title of Dissertation: Searching for sources of inefficiency in the German health care sector: demand-side, supply-side, and labour-force-status effects on health and health care utilization (2006-2011)



Dr. Stefanie Schurer (Associate Professor, School of Economics at the University of Sydney, Australia)

Title of Dissertation: The Role of Unobserved Heterogeneity in Labor and Health Economics (2004-2008)



Dr. Michael Simora (Economist, Data Scientist)

Title of Dissertation: Individual Perception, Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change (2013-2017)


Dr. Christoph Strupat (Economist, German Development Institute)

Title of Dissertation: Microeconometric Analyses of Family Planning, Health and Infrastructure Interventions in Developing Countries (2009-2014)


Dr. Jonas Vogt (Quoniam Asset Management, Frankfurt a.M.)

Title of Dissertation: Reduced Form Credit Risk Models and the Second Dimension Risk Premium - Technical Foundations, Estimations and Applications


Dr. Ute Volz (Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt a.M.)

Title of Dissertation: Essays in Macroeconomics


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Wenzel (University of Sheffield)

Title of Dissertation: On Product Differentiation and Shopping Hours - Five Essays in Industrial Organization (2005-2008)


Dr. Matthias Westphal (Postdoc, Paderborn University and RWI Essen)

Title of Dissertation: Individual Consequences and Public Challenges of Social
Change – Six Empirical Essays in Health Economics and Economics of Education (2013-2018)

Dr. Nils Wittmann (Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Düsseldorf)

Title of Dissertation: Financial Assets, Fiscal Policy, and the Macroeconomy (2010-2016)


Dr. Christian Wittrock (Data Scientist, StepStone)

Title of Dissertation: The effects of public inputs, goods and services on household's and firms' location decision


Dr. Guanzhong Yang (Consultant, ifb group)

Title of Dissertation: Incentives and Information: Experimental Studie