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Research Program

Cluster 2

Macroeconomics, Monetary and International Economics, Financial Markets, Econometrics

Ten RGS faculty members conduct research in areas that are summarised in this cluster. Beyond the aforementioned fields of research and the core area of macroeconomic policy analysis, research interests of the members include related fields such as international trade, economic geography, or behavioural macroeconomics. Research within this cluster is mainly based on general equilibrium analysis and in quantitative terms. This cluster is further characterised by a strong focus on applied economic research, where econometric and computational methods are extensively used.

Examples for research in cluster 2 are the projects “Asset Pricing and Macroeconomic Allocations under Aggregate Risk” and “Dynamic Dependence Structures in Risky Asset Returns” within the SFB 823 at the TU Dortmund founded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).


Cluster 2: Macroeconomics, Monetary and International Economics, Financial Markets, Econometrics
Professor Research Areas
Belke International macroeconomics, monetary economics and European integration
Busse International trade, foreign direct investment, development economics
Clausen Macroeconomics, European economic and monetary union, international financial markets, general equilibrium models, quantitative economic research
Hanck Nonstationary Panel Data, Macroeconometrics, Multiple Testing
Krämer Econometrics, public finance, social policy
Linnemann Fiscal policy, monetary policy, economic fluctuations, growth, empirical macroeconomics
Roos Behavioural macroeconomics, experimental economics, empirical macroeconomics, regional economics, New Economic Geography
Schabert Macroeconomics, International Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Seidel International Economics, Regional Economics, Public Economics
Südekum International Trade, Economic Geography, Regional Labour Markets

Cluster 2 current doctoral students:
Irina Dubova
Marcel Henkel
Fabian Herrmann
Jonas Keil
Mathias Klein
Christopher Krause
Johannes Ludwig
Benjamin Niestroj
Anne Oeking
Joost Röttger
Ute Beatrix Volz
Maximilian Werner
Nils Wittmann

Cluster 2 Alumni:
Dr. Christian Bredemeier
Dr. Frauke Dobnik
Prof. Dr. Christoph Hanck
Dr. Markus Hörmann
Dr. Maarten van Kampen
Dr. Philip Messow
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rausch
Dr. Malte Rieth
Dr. Michaela Trax
Dr. Jonas Vogt