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RGS Jamboree & Welcome Ceremony 2017

Oct. 14th, 2017

This year's 8th RGS Jamboree took place on Oct. 14th at the conference center "Glaspavillon" at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The RGS Jamboree is an internal conference where doctoral students of the second and third years present their current research and get feedback from the RGS-professors as well as from their doctoral student peers. The 14 presentations spanned a wide range of topics, from mismatch to self-control to tax-avoidance. Each presentation ended with a lively discussions.

This year we on the same day hosted our Welcome Ceremony, where the new cohort of eight entering students was officially welcomed by the director of RGS Econ, Professor Christoph M. Schmidt, and this years' finishing students received their certifactes.

Three of these finishing students presented overvies or parts of their dissertations, and thus gave students interesting and valuable insights for the road ahead:

  • Michael Kramm: Game-theoretical Analyses of Industrial and Societal Organization
  • Mathias Klein: Austerity and Private Debt
  • Andreas Gerster:Empirical Evaluations of Climate Policies

Thank you for your commitment!