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RGS Mini Lecture "Development Economics" Prof. Lori Beaman, PhD


Professor Lori Beaman, PhD visited the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ) from July 19-21th, to hold a RGS Mini-Lecture on "Development Economics". Lori Beaman is an associate professor at Northwestern University and a faculty fellow at the Insitute for Policy Research.

More then 10 PhD students from both the RGS Econ and the UA Ruhr joined the three day course to learn more about current topics in Development Economics, including 'Discrimination and Group Disparities', 'Agriculture', 'Education', and 'Corruption' in the context of developing countries.  Methodologically, the course focused on the use of field experiments. Professor Beaman also conducted office consultations with students to discuss their current research and gave a seminar talk, 'Can Network Theory-based Targeting Increase Technology Adoption?'.

The RGS Econ thanks Professor Beaman for her visit and highly appreciates her enthusiastic teaching style and willingness to engage with students and their research questions.