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10th RGS Doctoral Conference "Rising to Europe's Challenges: The Economic Perspective"


The 10th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics took place from 01– 02 March 2017 at the TU Dortmund. Out of more than 170 submissions from over 20 countries, the scientific committee selected 75 participants from 11 countries. This year’s conference had a focus on "Rising to Europe's Challenges: The Economic Perspective,"  with six of a total of twenty-five sessions devoted to this topic. Overall, the conference covered almost all fields of economics, such as Labor Markets, Migration & Integration, Financial Markets, Monetary Policy and many more.  

The students’ presentations were augmented by keynote speeches. Dr. Werner Hoyer presented and disussed the role of the European Investment Bank in achieving convergence and cohesion in Europe. Dr. Eckard Windhagen provided an analysis of what actions are necessary to sustain growth and unity in Europe. Prof. Dr. Paul de Grauwe disussed the future of the Euro, highlighting the potential role of the European Central Bank as lender of last resort.

The last day of the conference ended with the best paper award ceremony. Four papers were nominated for this prize, worth 500 Euro. Marina Chugunova from the University of Hamburg was the deserved winner for her paper “When to Leave the Carrots for the Sticks: On the Evolution of Sanctioning Institutions in Open Communities.”

The RGS Doctoral Conference was a great possibility to meet with fellow doctoral students. The constructive scientific atmosphere resulted in fruitful discussions with colleagues from all over the world.

The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics gratefully thanks all participants, the European Union for their financial support and those who helped organize this year’s conference.