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RGS meets German Council of Economic Experts


The annual event ’RGS Econ meets SVR German Council of Economic Experts’ took place on 23 January 2017.

Starting with an introduction by the chair of the council and director of the RGS Econ (Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt), the doctoral students got to know about the objectives, the structure as well as the duties and rights of the council. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt gave insights into this year's annual report. Thereafter, two members of the council joined to present chapters from this year’s annual economic report and discuss these topics with the audience.

Dr. Bodo Aretz presented the chapters on Brexit and challenges regarding the global economy. The focus was placed on the uncertainties that arise from the Brexit for Germany as well as the world economy. Then, Dr. Wolf Reuter presented the chapters on migration as well as inequality and redistribution. The RGS students engaged in an interesting discussion on the benefits and challenges that coincide with the current migration

The meeting closed with a buffet lunch were the students got the chance to discuss recent topics in economics with the staff members and the chair of the economic council.