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RGS Regional Economics Internal Workshop 2016


Due to methodological advances, improved data availability, and increased interest that is also due to current phenomena, economic analysis is shedding new light on the causes and consequences of regional heterogeneity and interregional mobility. Regional variation in the data can also be essential in identifying causal effects in non-spatially oriented research questions.

To raise RGS Econ’s doctoral students’ awareness for regional economics and related current research projects, competencies and resources available at the UARuhr, at the RWI, and its research data center (FDZ Ruhr), an internal RGS Regional Economics Workshop was held by RGS Econ at the RWI on October 26th 2016.

Following an introduction by Helge Braun, PhD (coordinator RGS Econ, RWI), Dr. Philipp Breidenbach (Head of the FDZ Ruhr) introduced the students to the geo-referenced data available at the FDZ Ruhr and to empirical strategies using regional data to identify causal effects. Thereafter, Dr. Uwe Neumann (coordinator of the special research topic “Regional Analyses” at the RWI) provided an overview of current research projects.

Students then participated in the quarterly research seminar on regional economics of the UARuhr, in which both external and internal researchers present their current work: Angelika Krehl and Prof. Dr-Ing. Stefan Siedentop (both Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, ILS) presented their project on the poly-centrality of German cities, followed by a talk on urban agglomeration and expansion in Germany by Rüdiger Budde (FDZ Ruhr, RWI).

In the final part of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Tobias Seidel (RGS Econ, Mercator School of Management, University of Duisburg-Essen) presented his research in the field and pointed to unanswered research question and possible dissertation topics as well as connections to research questions from other areas of economics.

The RGS Regional Economics Workshop was supplemented by the RGS Mini Lecture on “Spatial Econometrics” (October 24th – October 26th) by Prof. Dr. James LeSage (Texas State University), a renowned expert in the field. On October 26th, Prof. Dr. LeSage was available for student consultations on research ideas and projects in the field of regional economics.

The workshop will be held on an annual basis in the future.