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RGS Welcome Ceremony 2015


On November 17th this year’s new cohort was warmly welcomed to the RGS. As the 9 new doctoral students who were chosen from over 300 applicants, started their studies a little over a month ago, current RGS students, professors as well as sponsors came to the ceremony.

After some opening remarks by Professor Bauer about the RGS, which so far has seen over 80 students, of whom more than 40 already finished their PhD, Professor Linnemann introduced the new cohort (Tom Bauermann, Raphael Becker, Friederike Blönnigen, Patrick Gauß, Hannes Greve, Jan Prüser, Jonas Ramolla, Hendrik Steinbrecher and Jan Wergula). They already started into the RGS with a newly introduced course in “Advanced Mathematics for Economists” at the beginning of October, which all successfully completed.

Subsequently, this year’s doctorates (Dr. Matthias Giesecke, Dr. Anne Oeking, Dr. Adam Pilny and Dr. Joost Röttger) were honored and received their official RGS Econ graduation certificate. The event faded out with a get-together where the new cohort got to know their fellows.