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RGS Jamboree 2015


On July, 15 the 6th RGS Jamboree took place. This year the RGS Faculty met at the University of Bochum at the Beckmannshof.

The RGS Jamboree is an internal conference where doctoral students of the second and third year present their current research and get feedback from the RGS-professors as well as from their doctoral peers.

This year’s Jamboree started with a short welcome speech by Prof. Linnemann who introduced the new RGS-coordinator Mr. Helge Braun to the faculty.

The topics of the 15 presentations ranged from ‘regional bank efficiency‘ and ‘non-monetary returns to education‘ to ‘the role of urbanization for wage inequality in Germany‘. Each presentation ended with a vivid discussion with the audience (21 doctoral students and 10 professors).

The day ended with a get-together and doctoral students had the chance to discuss their research ideas with the RGS professors.