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RGS Welcome Tour


Following the tradition of the RGS Econ, the cohort that just finished their first year of studies organizes the RGS Welcome Tour for the new cohort.

The 10th cohort of the RGS Econ decided that a guided tour of the Villa Huegel, a visit to the lake Baldeney and a dinner at the Borbecker Dampfe would work best to give the new cohort an impression of their new place of living.

In the early afternoon all students of the RGS Econ met at the school and went to the Villa Huegel. The Villa Huegel was build between 1870 and 1873 as a residence and refuge for the Krupp Family (owner of the largest company in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century). With its 269 rooms and 8,100 sqm the impressive mansion displays the importance of the steel and coal production for the Ruhr Area. After the guided tour through the Villa the new cohort caught a glimpse of the lake Baldeney, one of the most important leisure zones in Essen.

The day faded out with traditional German and Ruhr Area food at the Borbecker Dampfe.

2014 RGS Welcome Tour