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5th RGS Jamboree


On July 15 the 5th RGS Jamboree took place. This year the RGS Faculty met at the University of Duisburg-Essen at the Gerhard-Mercator Haus in Duisburg.

The doctoral students of the second and third year presented their current research project on various topics, e.g. occupational mismatch of immigrants, state-dependence of fiscal policy shocks or consumer learning in networks. The first-year doctoral students (10th cohort) and the RGS professors listened carefully and engaged actively in the constructive discussions after the talks. Comments ranged from suggestions for further research to critical evaluation of model assumptions.

Once more, the event demonstrated the great team spirit within the RGS Econ. Detailed discussions between RGS professors and doctoral students showed the great supports the doctoral students receive from all members of the RGS Faculty.

Finally, the event gave the school the opportunity to express its gratefulness to Prof. Wolfgang Leininger for his dedicated work as one of the RGS Econ’s directors for the past almost twenty years.