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6th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics


This year's 6th RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics took place at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. With more than 100 submissions from over 20 countries, the RGS conference hosted more than 40 presenters from all over Europe.

From February 26 to February 28 the Veranstaltungszentrum of the Ruhr Universität was crowded with many young researchers who passionately discussed their work in 14 sessions covering various economic topics. Highly debated issues of e.g. migration & integration (sponsored by Stiftung Mercator), health economics, development economics, trade, fiscal and monetary policy were presented in the sessions, which were chaired by RGS professors.

The social program of this year's conference led the conference participants to the German mining museum. Here, an exhibition of a coal mine 20 meter below the surface was visited. The international group of people was able to get an impression of the remarkable relevance of coal mining for the past development of the Ruhr Area. The highlight of the tour was the view from the top of the historical pithead frame where the participants could enjoy the view over Bochum and its' surrounding area.

In the evening, keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Claudia M. Buch discussed the financial stability in Europe by carefully analyzing the definition of systemic risk and explaining the potential solution of a banking union. More than 100 visitors listened to the talk of the member of the German Council of Economic Experts. Her expertise stimulated a controversy discussion which was continued when the evening faded out with wine and appetizers.

On the last conference day, Marcel Smolka from the University of Tübingen received this year's "best paper award". His outstanding paper on individual preferences for trade substantially contributes to the theoretical and empirical literature.

Once more the RGS Doctoral Conference was a great possibility to meet with doctoral colleagues. The constructive scientific atmosphere resulted in fruitful discussions with colleagues from all over Europe.

The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics gratefully thanks all participants and helpers for their participation in a successful conference.