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NRW Young Scientist Award 2012


This year's NRW Young Scientist Award took place on November 19th in Düsseldorf. The NRW International Graduate Schools awarded prizes of 1500€ for outstanding work by young researchers in their fields.
The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics together with the Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences awarded this year's prize winner in the category "Economics and Management" Jan Sauermann from the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI, Stockholm) for his outstanding paper "The effects of training on own an co-worker productivity: Evidence from a field experiment" published in The Economic Journal (2012) 122, pp. 376-399. In this paper Jan Sauermann and his co-author Andries De Grip examine the effects of work-related training on worker and co-worker productivity. In a field experiment they randomly assigned treatment and control groups in order to detect the causal effect of training on a precise measure of performance. The paper delivers a clean and precise empirical analysis of the effects of training and can be regarded as a major contribution to the field. The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics is happy to congratulate Jan Sauermann for his outstanding work and the NRW Young Scientist Award 2012 in the category "Economics and Management".