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The 3rd RGS Jamboree


The 3rd RGS Jamboree took place from 10. – 11 July2012 at the Catholic Academy “Die Wolfsburg“ at Mulheim/Ruhr.

23 PhD students of the 6th - 8th RGS cohort and fifteen RGS professors joined the jamboree. Here, PhD students of the 6th and 7th cohort had the opportunity to present their current research. The variety of topics was outstanding. Within the two days, talks on the abnormal stock returns of military firms following a spending shock as well as the relationship between informal networks and the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana were extensively discussed. After the presentations the doctoral students and professors met for an informal get together at the bar where the team-spirit of the RGS faculty was further enlarged.

The 3rd RGS Jamboree was another exciting event within the RGS, where the great academic performance of the faculty became once more obvious to all its members.