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2011 H. K. Nieuwenhuis Thesis Award for RGS student Anne Leber


RGS student Anne Leber has won the 2011 H. K. Nieuwenhuis Thesis Award of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam for her master thesis titled “Exchange Rate Regimes and the Crisis of 2008-2009 in Central and Eastern Europe”. She wins a prize of €2.250*.

Anne Leber’s thesis empirically explores the effects of the 2008-2009 financial crisis on Central and Eastern European economies according to the respective exchange rate regime these countries follow. She contrasts the advantages of fixed exchange rate regimes for countries in the euro area’s periphery with the advantages of more flexible regimes in times of crisis. Her thesis concludes that while usually, countries with a flexible exchange rate regime perform better during crises, this does not seem to hold for countries with close connections to the euro area.

The jury, made up of professors Dr Arnoud Boot, Dr Nachoem Wijnberg and Dr Cees Diks concludes that Anne Leber wrote a very mature thesis with a clear, compact and compelling writing style. Overall, the thesis demonstrates high academic quality.

Herman Karel Nieuwenhuis was an alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the first person to graduate with distinction in Economics at the University of Amsterdam (in 1929). After he passed away in 1982, the H.K. Nieuwenhuis Memorial Fund was founded with the objective of promoting academic research in economics by regularly granting an award to a student who has written an outstanding thesis in the field of economics or business.

*At first, the value of the award was announced to be €1.300. Earlier published statements might thus refer to this value instead.