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Gerhard-Fürst Prize for RGS Alumna Dr. Annika Herr


The Statistischen Bundesamtes (Destatis) awards Frau Dr. Annika Herr with the Gerhard-Fürst-Preis 2011 for her doctorial thesis „On Hospital Competition: Quality, Efficiency, and Ownership“. The Gerhard-Fürst-Preis, which was awarded for the 13th time this year, honours outstanding scientific works with a close relation to official statistics. The dissertation was written under the supervision of Professor Dr. Doktor Justus Haucap (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics at the Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf). The prize money amounts to 5000 Euros. Annika Herr was RGS doctoral student in the first cohort from 2004 to 2007.

Gerhard-Fürst Prize for RGS Alumni Dr. Annika Herr

From left to right: Dieter Sarreither (Vice-president of the Statistische Bundesamt), Professor Doktor Ullrich Heilemann (Chairman of the reviewer), Dr. Annika Herr (Prize winner - category dissertation), Wolf Heinrich Reuter (Prize winner - category master/deploma thesis) and Philipp Breidenbach (Prize winner - category master/diploma thesis)