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Stiftung Mercator awards scholarships to RGS Econ


Migration & Integration Studies - Ruhr Metropolis: Stiftung Mercator awards 7 scholarships to the RGS Econ

Stiftung Mercator has awarded research grants to PhD students at the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ) for the first time. THe RGS provides a structured Ph.D. program through the Universitätsallianz Metropole Ruhr (UAMR) and the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI). Up to seven students will be awarded with (combined) approximately 335.000 Euro. Those receiving the grant in 2012 will conduct focused research on "The Economics of Migration and Integration". They will analyse the causes of successful social and economic integration and the effectiveness of existing measures of integration policies will be examined by using the latest evaluation methods. The announcement was made during the welcome and graduation ceremony on October, 10 in Essen (see the photo gallery below).

Students of the new cohort can apply for this scholarship with their research ideas and begin work at the end of their first year.

“We want to foster an immigration society by promoting equal participation for all people living here. Therefore we regard it as our task to support the research of young scientists in this field,” said Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lorentz, CEO of the Stiftung Mercator. “We have also great confidence in the concept of the Ruhr Graduated School which exemplifies how successful collaboration between the universities and a research institute in the Ruhr region may look like.”

“The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics is very proud to have gained the Stiftung Mercator, being one of the major German foundations, as sponsor of the RGS doctoral program,” declared Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Leininger of the TU Dortmund and director of the RGS Econ. “A dedicated focus on "The Economics of Migration and Integration" – given that most migration processes are triggered by economic events – will strengthen the profile of our Graduate School as a place of socially relevant research and advance its international positioning as NRW Research School.”

The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ) is a center for research and higher education in Economics. It was founded by three universities of the Ruhr Area (Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen), and by RWI, one of Germany‘s leading economic research institutes. Over a period of three years, graduate students receive guidance leading to a Ph.D. in economics complying with the highest international standards. In 2008, the RGS Econ became one of 17 Graduate Programs in the “NRW-Forschungsschulen” program, funded by the Ministry of Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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