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Political Economy of Education Vouchers - Lecture Series


Subsequent to the first international workshop “Economics of education”, a mini lecture dealing with “Political Economy of Education Vouchers” was conducted by Professor Gerhard Glomm on June 21-22 at the RGS Econ. The lecture was attended by eager RGS students, RWI researchers and researchers of the Ruhr-universities.  Gerhard Glomm, Professor at the Indiana University in Bloomington (USA), gave an overview of basic models of the economics of education and especially of the models regarding “education vouchers”.  Education vouchers are certificates issued by the government, which can be used by parents to pay tuition at private schools. In addition, Professor Glomm presented the most important empirical studies discussing this topic. Moreover, the participants had the possibility to present their own research ideas in this field and  discuss them with Professor Glomm. Overall, the lecture provided interesting insights in existing knowledge as well as in future directions of research in the field of economics of education.