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Lecture Series on "Advanced Microeconometrics"


The Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) organised a seminar in advanced Microeconometrics in cooperation with the RGS, from July 15th to the 21st. Among other participants, six PhD and post-doctoral students from the RGS and RWI attended the seminar held by Prof. Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven).

The syllabus targeted the implementation of some frequently used microeconometric estimation procedures focusing on IV, binomial and ordinal logit approaches as well as panel, tobit and selection models, Bootstrapping and also Monte-Carlo-Simulation.  The sessions offered a synchronised blend of theoretical lectures and applied Stata exercises. In addition to the use of already implemented software routines, Prof. Czarnitzki demonstrated how to program the estimators step by step. He also illustrated the influence of model misspecification on the consistency of the estimates. Various assignments gave an opportunity to apply the techniques and to deepen the understanding of the estimators.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Annika Herr (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics), Tel. +49 211- 81 15 497.