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6th Ruhr Graduate Summer School


The 6th Ruhr Graduate Summer School (RGSS) took place at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Essen in the week starting March 15th. Volker Clausen, Professor of International Economics at the University and faculty member of the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, welcomed PhD students and researchers from the RGS, from other institutions in Germany and from many other countries in the weeklong workshop. The Summer School again met strong international interest. Researchers from Belgium, Uzbekistan, Israel, Mexico, Ecuador, Japan and Sweden came to Essen in order to learn how to analyze energy and climate policy issues in computable general equilibrium models. Christoph Böhringer, Professor of Economic Policy at the University Oldenburg, offered his expertise in this field. He is a well known and internationally recognised researcher in the quantitative analysis of environmental and energy policies based on numerical optimisation models.

The workshop provided an introduction to partial and general equilibrium models for the state of the art impact assessment of energy and climate policies. Drawing on modern microeconomic foundations, the course followed model-based peer-reviewed publications in international journals to address contemporary issues in energy and climate policy; such as, the promotion of renewable energies, the phase-out of nuclear power, the implementation of environmental tax reforms or the design of international emissions trading schemes. In order to allow the audience to work on such topics, the workshop provided an introduction into applied (numerical) general equilibrium models using GAMS and MPSGE. These research tools have been proven to be extremely effective and fruitful in the analysis of energy and climate policy issues, especially in international applications and in combination with the data from the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP).

For further information, please contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Clausen (University Duisburg-Essen), Tel. +49 201 183–3655

Group photo RGSS 2010

Group photo RGSS 2010