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In order to qualify students to pass their Ph.D.-program within three years, there are six mandatory lectures in their first year. These lectures are designed to enable students to conduct research at the most advanced level.

In the second and third year, the students are expected to participate in field courses. However, the course load is structured in a way to give students the opportunity to concentrate upon their research topic and to write their thesis.

More detailed information about the course structure of the RGS Econ can be found on the curriculum page.

Throughout the programme, the students are expected to participate at the seminars and workshops offered by the RGS Econ.  This includes the 'soft skills' workshops, provided in conjunction with the RWI and PACE.

Cores Courses: Winter Term 2017

  • Lecture Core Microeconomics I  E.Kovac; Fridays 10:30-15:30; RGS Econ; start: Friday, Oct. 20th. every second week
  • Section Core Microeconomics I   F. Blönnigen; tba
  • Lecture Core Econometrics I     C. Hanck, Mondays 10:00-12:00; RGS Econ; Start: Monday, Oct. 9th; not on Oct. 30th.
  • Section Core Econometrics I      P. Navas-Alban, Mondays 14:00-16:00, RGS Econ; Start: Monday, Oct. 9th.
  • Lecture & Section Core Macroeconomics I  P. Jung and J. Wergula; Tuesdays 10:00-16:00, TU Dortmund, MAthetower, M134; Start: Tuesday Oct. 17th.