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Courses and Curriculum

RGS Econ is aiming for full online instruction capability.

Below is a short overview of the curriuclum of RGS Econ's PhD program in Economics. Please refer to "Writing a dissertation at RGS Econ" for details.

Announcements of upcoming RGS Mini-Lectures, Soft-Skills Seminars, and Events can be found here.

Information on current course offerings can be found here.

First-Year Course Work

During the first year, students take core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, a course in mathematics, a literature seminar and participate in a rotating lecture

  • Mathematics for Advanced Economics (2 weeks, prior to winter term)
  • Microeconomics I (4 hours/week, winter term)
  • Macroeconomics I (4 hours/week, winter term)
  • Econometrics I (4 hours/week, winter term)
  • Rotating Lecture (2 hours/week, winter term)
  • Microeconomics II (4 hours/week, summer term)
  • Macroeconomics II (4 hours/week, summer term)
  • Econometrics II (4 hours/week, summer term)
  • Literature Seminar (2 hours/week, summer term)

To proceed to the second year, students are given two attempts to pass end-of-term exams associated with each of the core courses. Parts or all of the core requirement may be waived for students who have successfully passed comparable courses during their previous studies. The course  “Advanced Mathematics for Economists” does not involve a pass/fail examination. It solely serves to inform students.

Second- and Third-Year Course Work

The elective component of the curriculum requires students to select and pass at least two elective field courses before graduation, typically in the 2nd and 3rd years. Of course sutdents can select more, and we encourage this when the course content is closely linked to the dissertation topic or carreer goals of the student. The broad range of elective courses offered by RGS Econ draws on the expertise of the RGS Faculty (RGS Electives), guest researchers (RGS Mini-Lectures), and can be augmented by externally provided courses (summer schools) with financial support from RGS Econ.  Some examples of elective courses offered at the RGS Econ are the methodologically oriented “Statistical Learning”, “Heterogeneous Agent Models”, “Causality and Policy Evaluation” and topical courses such “Inequality and Health”, “Advanced Labor Economics”, and “Economics of Migration.” You can find current and past RGS Elective offerings under current courses. Recent and upcoming RGS Mini Lectures are listed under Activities and Events.

Research Seminars, Events, etc.

RGS Econ regularly organizes a refereed Doctoral Conference in Economics, with more than 50 presentations by participants from all over the world. RGS Econ's students present their current research in an annual internal conference, the "Jamboree". We also regularly offer our students soft-skills seminars, mini-lectures by renowned international faculty, summer schools, and topically oriented workshops. You can find listings of our events here.

The associated insitutions additionlly offer a wide range of research seminars, brown bag lunches and workshops, a selection of which can be found un der the following links: